“sultry and dreamy and beautiful” – fog songs, fogsongs
“authentic and sincere” – Fog Songs, fogsongs
“music for contemplation and inspiration “ – Bret Miller, Eardrum Buzz Radio
“simply gorgeous” – Jeffrey davison, wfmu
“a lovely debut” – Carol Crow, wfmu

“The sixth and most diaphanous layer of the earth’s atmosphere, the Tremosphere is home to sound waves of eerie and unusual frequency, curious and wonderful radio transmissions long feared lost and the mysterious spectral presence of the spirits that seemingly alight there amidst its vaporous, ethereal mists.”

Tremosphere is the duo of French singer-songwriter Sylvia Solanas and Bipolar Explorer’s cofounder Michael Serafin-Wells. Interiors, their debut album, was released in February 2019. Their second album, Memoirs of a French Garden, was released March 1st 2022.

Their third, Becoming Creatures, was released September 29.

black and white picture of a cis white woman - Sylvia, leaning against an old fireplace. Her right arm is up, her hand slightly resting over her head. Her hair is long and straight, we can see armpit hair as well. Her face is slightly turned, she's looking at us, defiant, confident. She's wearing a black bustier. Photograph is framed by two large baby blue lines. Name of the band, Tremosphere, is on the upper blue part. Title of the album, Becoming Creatures, is written in the same baby blue, and is sitting in the left inner corner of the photograph.
Becoming Creatures (2023)