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Featuring Bipolar Explorer co-founder Michael Serafin-Wells (guitars, bass, organ, synth, tape loops, backing vocals, spoken word, percussion) and introducing Sylvia Solanas (lead vocals, spoken word).

Following on the heels of their debut single, Lost & Found and released simultaneously with their post-rock cover of Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control, Interiors consists of seven new compositions – lyrics by Solanas, music & additional lyrics by Serafin-Wells – and was recorded at The Shrine in NYC concurrently with Bipolar Explorer’s 8th album, Til Morning Is Nigh (“Dreamlike, luminous and enchanting” – Les Oreilles Curieuses), which also features Ms. Solanas on spoken word.

released on 15 February 2019, Tremosphere’s first album is available on CD, digital download, streaming.

where else would I be
if not at your side
when the sky gets darker
and birds go quiet
where else would I be
you who found me
amongst all these bodies
lost under the eyes
where else would I be
when breath gets shorter
and sirens come out of the oceans
where else would I be
when your eyes open
and are looking for me
-Sylvia Solanas
Interiors cd 1:3
Interiors cd 2:3.
Interiors cd 3:3.