• RADIO: Max Reinhardt’s Christmas special on Soho Radio featured “Snowfall” by Bipolar Explorer, from Deux Anges, listen to the show here:


Slugg Records are very proud to present Deux Anges, Bipolar Explorer’s 9th album (their third double!). Buy the album in The Shop, on Bandcamp, or on Apple Music.
The new album is released on Summer’s birthday (1979-2011), our late bandmate, and Michael’s and Bipolar Explorer’s inspiration and conscience.


  • RADIO: Deux Anges is on rotation on KFJC, thanks to Carson Street and Cynthia Lombard, Dangerous Dan, Dusty Rhodes, DJB, Kimbrosia, Lurker, Grawer, Pax Humana and everyone in Los Altos Hills, CA!


  • RADIO: “All The Colors” from Deux Anges (disc one), was played both on KFJC on Pax Humana’s show and on WFMU‘s Give The Drummer Stream Neighbors Noise show hosted by Jesse Kaminsky, on October 20th.


  • EVENT/FESTIVAL: The online edition of the Aerial Festival, a new festival of contemporary music, literature and performance, took place on September 25-26th, with a new 24 hour broadcast by The Dark Outside. Bipolar Explorer contributed with a new track, “Corridor”,  specially composed for the event.

Beautiful, moving, amazing 3h tribute to the band. 32 tracks curated by Carson Street.



  • RADIO: we just found out that college radio KFJC (89.7FM) in the Bay Area has been playing Bipolar Explorer for more than a year now! Thank you!!
  • EVENT: The Dark Outside Inside Online Part 3 event aired on June 13th on Further_In, Bipolar Explorer contributed with a special track “The Storm Passes.” TDO T-shirts and sweatshirts can be ordered on weare1of100.
  • RADIO: Irene Trudel played two tracks by Tremospere on her new WFMU’s Give The Drummer Radio show, “Present Silence” on May 4th, and “Lost & Found” on June 15th. Listen on the WFMU’s archives!


  • NEW: Tremosphere released their post-rock cover of The Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” on May 8th.
    The track premiered the same week on WFMU‘s show Dark Night of the Soul, then in Canada on Limbocast,  in Germany on Radio TFSC, and in California on Bret’s Ramblings Highwire Daze Radio show .
    France’s indiemusic wrote a breathtaking review of the song here (in French).
  • EVENT: The Dark Outside Dark Inside Part 2 happened on May 2-3 live on Further_In, and Bipolar Explorer contributed with the unreleased track “The Quarantine Will Not Be Televised”. The whole event was a blast to listen to, as always. Part 3 will take place on June 6th…


  • NEW: Bipolar Explorer composed and recorded two brand new tracks, “Two Visions” for WFMU‘s show Serious Moonlight Sonatas’s dj premium (exclusive cd compilation), and “eleven:eleven” for The Dark Outside, originally intended for a June then September broadcast, exceptionally aired online under The Dark Inside name (April 4th-5th). The band has decided to release “eleven:eleven” as a digital single, on Slugg Records, Bandcamp, and their official website.
  • PRESS: Canada’s Limbocast exclusive interview An Afternoon with Michael from Bipolar Explorer.

February 2020

december 2019

november 2019

  • RADIO: Tremosphere is now part of the KB Radio family in Canada, with airplays on their indie station KB Indie Radio.

october 2019

September 2019

  • PODCAST RADIO SHOW:  Near Perfect Pitch – Episode 133 , featuring a lengthy interview with Brix Smith Start (The Fall, Brix & The Extricated), and “Spirits” by Tremosphere. Very proud.
  • RADIO: Tremosphere has joined the BANDwagon on UK’s Radio WIGWAM! Tune in!

NEW RELEASE July-AUgust 2019

  • NEW/EXCLUSIVE The Dark Outside, The Light Within, Bipolar Explorer’s latest single is now available as a digital track on Slugg Records and Bandcamp.
  • RADIO: The new single was played by Carol on her WFMU show Serious Moonlight Sonatas.
  • RADIO: Bipolar Explorer in The Netherlands: “Never, a track from the band’s acclaimed seventh album Sometimes In Dreams will be featured on De Mist Radioshow (July 19 show), more on

June 2019

  • RADIO: This Is The Modern World with Trouble featured “Lost & Found” by Tremosphere during her June 27 show.

March 2019

  •  RADIO: (March 25) Tonight’s Sonic Imperfections show on Resonance FM, London (UK) will feature two tracks from Dream Together (2017) by Bipolar Explorer, at 6pm EDT/10pm GMT. Do tune in!
    update: show is up on the station’s mixcloud here.
  • RADIO: “Spirits” by Tremosphere, from Interiors (2019), made its debut on Surface Noise, Joe McGasko’s Monday morning show (March 25) on WFMU. Honored!

         Thank you so much, Ed and Resonance FM.

  • RADIO: Jeffrey Davison played “Present Silence” by Tremosphere on his March, 16 Shrunken Planet show, during WFMU‘s Marathon.

February 2019

New release February 2019

After a year in the making, Tremosphere released their debut album, Interiors, on February 15, as well of a cover of Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control.

January 2019

We received the kindest words from WFMU ‘s Carol Crow about Til Morning Is Nigh (2018):

“Ethereal music that sends the listener up towards the heavens to sit aloft on the clouds above. A melodic conversation of sound is taking place with gleaming angels shining in the bright blue sky, dulcet voices taking form and weaving their golden threads in and out of the musical expanse, as if taking their cue from the sun’s warmth as it beams forth. A cloud coolly passes overhead for a moment and upon its passage, we feel the heat once again and the sun’s rays shine even brighter than before. A truly ascendant album to be listened to any time of year.”

Carol’s show, Serious Moonlight Sonatas, airs on Sundays 6-9 am (EST) on WFMU & 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM.

December 2018

  • While on the West coast, Bipolar Explorer dropped copies of Til Morning Is Nigh (2018) for five of the Dimple Records stores in Sacramento, CA.  Thanks to Justin and the team.

New release December 2018

Bipolar Explorer’s new album, their 8th, Til Morning Is Nigh: A Dream Of Christmas, mastered by longtime band partners Old Colony, Scott Craggs,  artwork – featuring the breathtaking cover by the late L’udovit Kochol (and graciously permission-granted by the National Slovak Gallery) – again in the hands of resident band designer, Norwegian painter and illustrator Audun Grimstad.

The new album is a 23-track dreamscape of shoegaze, dreampop and spoken word underscored by post-rock guitar.
limited edition CD.

Nov 13: Happy birthday Summer

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