Bipolar Explorer


In November 2018, the band welcomed a new member, Sylvia Solanas, with the release of their 8th, Til Morning Is Nigh: A Dream of Christmas. Again, conceived as a gapless album blending new arrangements of some of the more ancient and obscure carols of the season with original compositions in the band’s signature dreampop style with spoken word voiced in French by Ms. Solanas and underscored with ambient post rock guitars, adding synth, organ and melodica to the shimmering soundscape over 23 tracks and 69 minutes. Immediately hailed by France’s Les Oreilles Curieuses as “dreamlike, luminous and enchanting” and named by Portugal’s Shoegazer to the #5 spot in its Top Ten NYC albums of 2018, Til Morning also garnered kind words from WFMU’s Carol Crow, who debuted the track “Angel Frequency” on her show, calling it “Ethereal music that sends the listener up towards the heavens to sit aloft on the clouds above. A truly ascendant album to be listened to any time of year”.

Cover painting “Jacob Wrestling with the Angel” by Ľudovít Kochol, courtesy of the Slovak National Gallery. Artwork/layout by Audun Grimstad. Christmas ornament included.

$9.00 (cd)

  1. Once…  03:33
  2. On Another Shore in a Greater Light  02:13
  3. Bethlehem 03:39
  4. Before We Could Be Found 02:04
  5. Truth From Above 03:08
  6. The Faithful Delivered 00:41
  7. Oh That We Were There 04:05
  8. Even Forever 00:56
  9. Noel 04:48
  10. A Vision Foreshown 02:13
  11. Mille Anges Divins 05:07
  12. Alighted 02:05
  13. Gabriel 03:23
  14. And It Came To Pass 01:09
  15. Midwinter 03:58
  16. The Shepherds Keep Watch 01:37
  17. Godrest 02:17
  18. Led By The Star 03:29
  19. Angel Frequency 04:54
  20. The Light Breaks Through The Darkness 01:52
  21. Hark! 02:56
  22. Gathered Into One 00:53
  23. Watchers and Holy Ones 07:39

Summer Serafin – vocals, spoken word
Michael Serafin-Wells – vocals, guitars, bass, synth, organ, melodica, tape loops, percussion, spoken word
Sylvia Solanas – spoken word

All songs by Michael Serafin-Wells and/or traditional arranged by Serafin-Wells.
©2018 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP)
Recorded live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine – NYC.
Produced by Bipolar Explorer.
Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
c/p 2018 Bipolar Explorer, Slugg Records and Thirteen November Music (ASCAP)