Bipolar Explorer

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The band’s first foray into the use of spoken word, their 5th album is a blend of devotional songs and poetry both secular and sacred underscored by Serafin-Wells’s post-rock, shoegazey guitars. Described by the group themselves as a sonic prayer for their fallen bandmate, Ms. Serafin, and released on limited-edition CD only (no digital), the album was given away to fans upon request as “a gift of faith”. Again, praised by Ground Control: “…Get ready to be swept up and away by a prayerful reverie of melodies. Listening, I began to feel like I was flying. Don’t forget that Bipolar Explorer is a post-rock band. Low growling vocals, gnarly grinding tempos, rhythmic looping strands that escape and rise above the weight of this world, where angels and the living mingle…”

Cover “Angel” by Michael Creese.

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  1. Spiritus 5:08
  2. Corinthians 3:27
  3. Fill Our Hearts 4:32
  4. Wild Geese 2:12
  5. Wait! 3:41
  6. May 1915 2:38
  7. Nada 4:22
  8. Mutilated World 3:36
  9. Pray in Us 5:33
  10. Sunday 2.37am 5:27
  11. Lords 2:03
  12. Hear 5:16
  13. Of Many Names 3:58
  14. Jubilate 4:20
  15. Benediction 1:43
  16. Lift 8:50

Summer Serafin – vocals, spoken word 
Michael Serafin-Wells – vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, spoken word 
Additional spoken word– Kim Donovan

Recorded live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine – NYC. 
Produced by Bipolar Explorer.
Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
c/p 2016 Bipolar Explorer, Slugg Records and Thirteen November Music (ASCAP)