Bipolar Explorer


This album comprises the seven pieces we recorded for the UK’s storied experimental radio broadcast event The Dark Outside. Soliciting new unheard, unreleased work and then assembling a 24 hour broadcast from Galloway Forest (and one year in Epping) The Dark Outside has been held annually since 2012. Furthering its mystique, the broadcast can only be heard within the narrow range of the transmitter rented for the event. During the pandemic, Dark Outside’s curators reinvented its scope by taking it online and, over those 18 months of lockdown, holding it thrice more. I think what intrigued us most about the project – and during the lockdown versions when it was broadcast online we would wake in New York and France and, like children on Christmas Eve, stay up all night into the following day to hear each delightful hour of it – was the invitation to compose Experimental music. Drones over field recordings. Synth improvisations anchored by spoken word. Tape loops with ambient guitar underscoring. Admittedly, we were already including works like these on our albums but each new Dark Outside gave us an “excuse” to try another track in this vein. The Dark Outside returned to its in-person format in September for its sole 2021 broadcast and as our hope rises that some sense of normality will return to our lives, we dream of attending in 2022 for the festival’s 10th anniversary, flying to England and renting a room to be nearby, listening on a transistor radio, strolling about the grounds. We expect to release a “proper” album, our 11th, next year, as well. Meantime, we hope you enjoy this diversion (we’ve taken to saying, only half-kidding, that this release is for everyone who always likes the weirdest stuff on our albums, that, here it is – just the weird stuff) as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

With thanks, love and faith,

Michael Serafin-Wells
New York City 

releases December 1, 2021.

Tapes on TDO label coming soon exclusively on Bandcamp.

$11.00 (cd)

  1. The Dark Outside, The Light Within (extended version) 6:56
  2. eleven-eleven (extended version) 12:00
  3. In Between Hours 06:39
  4. The Storm Passes 07:28
  5. Corridor 11:57
  6. Expected Viking, Becoming Cyclonic 09:07
  7. Prayers Within a Cathedral of Trees 14:43

Summer Serafin – vocals, spoken word.
Michael Serafin-Wells – guitars, bass, synth, organ, piano, percussion, chimes, tape loops, vocals, spoken word.
Sylvia Solanas – spoken word.

Composed by Michael Serafin-Wells, c/p 2019-21 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).
Spoken word narrative poems by Michael Serafin-Wells.
Translations into the French by Sylvia Solanas.

Recorded and mixed live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine, NYC.
Additional remote recordings – France.
Field recordings on location – New York, California, France, Northern Atlantic Coast.

Produced by Bipolar Explorer.
Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
Cover: “Dovedale by Moonlight” – Joseph Wright of Derby (public domain).
Graphics: Sylvia Solanas
CD Art Design/Direction: Audun Grimstad

Special thanks to Stuart MacLean (aka: Frenchbloke) – curator and founder of The Dark Outside.

c/p 2021 Bipolar Explorer, Slugg Records and Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).