“a great collection for a good cause” – Carol Crow, Serious Moonlight Sonatas, WFMU

“rather marvellous” – Space is The Place Radio Show, Cando FM (UK)

Tremosphere’s moody, atmospheric cover of Depeche Mode’s “Little 15” + remixes by acclaimed ambient and experimental artists:
Blessed are the Hearts that Bend (UK),
Cravune (Germany),
HyMettus Woods (NC, USA),
Peter Wullen (Belgium).

All profits will go to and NARAL (after taxes and Bandcamp fees).
Abortion is a human right.

released January 18, 2023

Little 15, original song written by Martin Gore.

01 Little 15 – Tremosphere
Sylvia Solanas – vocals.
Michael Serafin-Wells – guitars, bass.
Recorded live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine, NYC.
Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
Artwork and photograph – Sylvia Solanas
Written by Martin Gore.
Arranged by Michael Serafin-Wells.

02 Little 15 Cravune Cut One – Cravune

03 Little 15 Haunted Music Box – HyMettus Woods

04 Little Vox (Deep Womb Remix) – Peter Wullen

05 Little 15 Melted Into – Blessed are the Hearts that Bend

06 Little 15 Silent Re-Edit (Cravune Two) – Cravune

Thank you to Christopher, Luke, Manuel, Peter.