Bipolar Explorer

$12.00 (double cd)


Again choosing New Year’s Day, the band released this, their 7th album, on January 1, 2018. A double-album, conceived as a gapless one, songs and underscored spoken word blending seamlessly over two discs and as many hours. Originally conceived for performance in collaboration with a visual artist, the band set out instead to create an experience for the listener akin to that of a distant late night radio broadcast finding us as we lay half-asleep in bed. Featuring narrative poetry, composed and underscored by Serafin-Wells, and revisiting the songs of Of Love and Loss in longform, the double-album reached the #19 spot of WFMU’s album charts in May 2018 and entered the top 200 of the North America College and Community Radio (NACC) listings. Celebrated by France’s Indiemusic as “Unforgettable and essential. This is a major record”, upon its release, by December it had been hailed as one of year’s best albums by Les Oreilles Curieuses for its “celestial and spell-bounding compositions, astounding us with beauty. Brilliant, luminous and cathartic. Puts shoegaze back into a state of grace.”

Double album, including a Victorian art booklet conceived by Michael Serafin-Wells. Artwork/layout by Audun Grimstad.

Cover image by Colette Saint Yves.

$12.00 (double cd)

Disc One: From the First

  1. You Are Loved (Summer’s Theme) 02:55
  2. Letter to the Darkest Star 05:34
  3. From The First 01:46
  4. Flag Day (Summer Dream version) 03:49
  5. Building The Shrine 02:09
  6. Ocean 07:42
  7. Torn 01:35
  8. So Anyway 06:51
  9. Phantom Limb 01:53
  10. Out 05:32
  11. Regret and the Horrible Distance 01:45
  12. Never 04:47
  13. Our Oneness Can Never Be Erased 02:46
  14. Necessary Weight 07:35

Disc Two: Unto the Forever

  1. And At That Hour, Above (Perigee-Syzygy) 05:55
  2. Sometimes in Dreams 01:51
  3. No Answer 04:58
  4. Thousand Thousand Summer 01:30
  5. The Choral Text Passage 15:14
  6. Circle of Protection 01:57
  7. Dead End Street 05:11
  8. Sometimes He Lost His Way 04:00
  9. Any Day 06:40
  10. As Dawn Broke (She Watched Over Him) 01:38
  11. Comin’ Home 05:04
  12. Day Turns to Beautiful Night 01:45
  13. Lost Life 07:43
  14. Forever After Montage 06:25

Summer Serafin – vocals, spoken word
Michael Serafin-Wells – vocals, guitars, bass, tape loops, percussion, spoken word
Additional spoken word/narrator – Kim Donovan

All songs by Michael Serafin-Wells.
©2018 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP)
Recorded live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine – NYC.
Produced by Bipolar Explorer.
Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
c/p 2018 Bipolar Explorer, Slugg Records and Thirteen November Music (ASCAP)

Sometimes In Dreams, double album, released January 1st 2018.
Victorian art booklet included, cover image by Colette Saint Yves.

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