On the heels of the release of their celebrated third album, Becoming Creatures, Tremosphere release this new single written by Sylvia Solanas and recorded by the band in France and New York City. Featuring Ms Solanas on piano, synth and vocals and Michael Serafin-Wells on guitars, bass, Moog synth and tape loops, it both finds the band expanding their sonic palette with new sounds and is at once a forthright and deeply personal response to the humanitarian crisis Ms Solanas felt needed to be articulated. Avert Your Eyes is available on Slugg Records.

“We can’t just watch and stay silent.
It doesn’t have to be like this.
Hope and work towards better.
Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free.”

-Sylvia Solanas

releases February 2, 2024
Sylvia Solanas – piano, synth, vocals.
Michael Serafin-Wells – guitars, bass, Moog synth, tape loops.

Music and lyrics by Sylvia Solanas.
c/p 2024 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).

Produced and Mixed by Tremosphere.
Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
Recorded in France and live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine – New York City.
Cover image by Sylvia Solanas.

c/p 2024 Tremosphere, Slugg Records, Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).