Becoming Creatures consists of ten new songs written by Tremosphere lead vocalist, Sylvia Solanas. Recorded in both New York and France over a period of months, it very much feels like a significant step forward for the band.

While the main themes echo their previous works – pain and love and struggles – Becoming Creatures is a departure from the contemplative to a more feral state.
Indeed, Solanas is known to be outspoken about her chronic anxiety and mental health in general, and, as she’s looked deeper into her idiosyncrasies, she’s composed this album as a call to all humans to connect with who and what they truly are.
Solanas also plays instruments (for the first time on record) on Becoming Creatures, with the acceptance of imperfection. Tremosphere’s co-member Michael Serafin-Wells continues to provide the songs with thoughtful arrangements and instrumentations.

While finding new sounds and expanding their sonic palette on Becoming Creatures, we think much of what has appealed to listeners throughout the band’s first two albums – Interiors (2019) and Memoirs of a French Garden (2022) – remains, deepening and enriched by the new material.

The UK’s noted Fog Songs blog put it well in characterizing the band’s sound as “post-rock guitars that are minimalistic and raw, with French-accented vocals that are sultry and dreamy and beautiful. They incorporate the fuzzed-out dreamy psychedelia of Mazzy Star, the femme guitar-driven shoegaze pop of Lush and the wistful downbeat alt-grunge of The Cranberries into their own unique vision and take you on a special top-notch dream ride.”

Becoming Creatures was released digitally and on special limited edition CD on September 29th.

“In the depths of the waves lives a sunshine -I need all of you.”

-Sylvia Solanas

$12.00 (cd)

  1. Tide
  2. Utopia
  3. Down The Road
  4. Lady Cardinal
  5. Domo
  6. Creatures of The See
  7. Lament
  8. Burst
  9. Vanity Project
  10. Five by Five

Sylvia Solanas – vocal, backing vocals, bass, organ, piano, synth, percussion.
Michael Serafin-Wells – guitars, bowed guitar, bass, synth, organ, chimes, tape loops, percussion, backing vocals.

Recorded in France and live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine – NYC.

All songs written by Sylvia Solanas.
Additional music by Michael Serafin-Wells.
c. 2023 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).

Produced and mixed by Tremosphere.

Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony – Boston.
Layout by Audun Grimstad.
Photographs and design by Sylvia Solanas.

c/p 2023 Tremosphere, Slugg Records and Thirteen November Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.