On December 4, Max Reinhardt (former host, BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction) closed his BEST OF 2020 Late Lunch radio show with Max Reinhardt on London’s Soho Radio with “Infinity Hall”, from disc one of the double-album, going on to say:

“Bipolar Explorer. Well…there is hauntology at work. Hauntology right in the center of their work.”

Update 12/25/20 – On his Late Lunch with Max Reinhardt Christmas Show 2020, Mr Reinhardt adds:

“I just have to say, the more you listen to the album, the double-album, the better it gets! And it’s all so different! That one (“Snowfall”) is, somehow or other, somewhere between Sonic Youth and “The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus” ! But, anyway, very fine!”
-Max Reinhardt, Soho Radio (London)

“Wonderful! Gorgeous stuff!”
Irene Trudel, WFMU Best Releases of 2020 show

Fogcast Best of 2020 Mixtape Resonance FM (London)

“Overwhelming. A psychedelic ride where harmonies are meandering like a flowing river. You can pick up this album over and over again and start dreaming, discovering new things.”
DeMist Radio/Radio Hoogeveen ( The Netherlands) Best Post-Rock Albums of 2020


“Mysterious. Otherworldly. An emotional musical journey.”
-Carson Street, KFJC (California)

“Thick dark atmospherics. Glistening guitars. Deep-under-water vocals.”
-Dave Mandl (WFMU, The Wire Magazine, et al.)

“The announcement of a new Bipolar Explorer album is always, to us, a surprise as formidable as it is pleasant. Indeed, this project, which we’ve been loving for several years now, has never tried to do the same work twice, slow rock movements on which Summer, Sylvia and Michael lay their spontaneous inspirations. Drawing ideas from the realm of dreams, as well as the deeper, more refined confrontation with reality, through a softness full of wisdom and contemplation, Bipolar Explorer is a call for renaissance, a refusal of passivity, without any futile anger. An introduction to the inner and spiritual dream, the first excerpt, ”Santa Barbara”, with its hypersensitive contours, goes beyond our hopes and dreams, while found sounds from an indescribable place and the musicians’, pure and unique, meet. DEUX ANGES is released on November 13th.”
-Raphael Duprez, Punktum (France)