The Sound Projector (UK)
Editor, Ed Pinsent
April 3, 2021
“The group continue to deliver their unique brand of very understated guitar-pop with subdued vocals, hazy ambient melodies, spoken (or rather whispered) word recits, instrumentals – some enhanced with field recordings. All of ‘Deux Anges’ is steeped in a very wistful melancholy, a poignant longing. Lyrics emerge as a form of prayer and we continue to find allusions to the afterlife, heaven, angels, mortality, ghosts, miracles…and compassion, empathy, and hope.
At two CDs and three hours, there’s also a lot of it to listen to, but BPX never outstay their welcome with their unassuming tone and the gentle, lulling pull of their mesmerizing songs.”
-The Sound Projector (UK), Ed Pinsent, Editor