In The Hours Left Until Dawn – release week

Promo banner for Bipolar Explorer's 11th album In The Hours Left Until Dawn. Black background. Cover album image: two white women, Night and her daughter, Sleep. Night is watching over her sleeping daughter, while also holding a shimmery ball of light with a star at the center, in her right hand. Painting by the late American painter Mary L. Macomber (1902).
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“An amazing album. Two discs of wonderful, gorgeous, drifty music and strange, strange sounds. I love it! It’s just a beautiful work!”
– Irene Trudel, WFMU (New York)

“In The Hours Left Until Dawn is moody, atmospheric and filled with the calm vibrations we all need now. The music bed underlies explorations of darkness and light, all the while leaving us “a breadcrumb trail of stars” to light our way. My favorite new album of 2023.”
– Carson Street, KFJC (California)

“A sprawling suite of instrumentals, sung and spoken word. Loss permeates the music, gracing it with a tragic mystery.”
– A Closer Listen (UK)

“Pick of the Week!”
– White Light/White Heat (Italy)